Python IDE on the iPad Pro

My career is kind of colourful. I was working on aircraft systems, VoIP HW & SW, developing Linux kernel drivers, Linux distributions, and many other low level (RTOS) & high level (desktop applications) stuff. Linux nerd. I said enough one day. I wanted to just work and wasn’t willing to continue wasting my time with searching how to workaround this and that. Bye bye Linux, did spend nice 10 years with you. Not saying it was a bad experience. Nope, I learned a lot and enjoyed it. But … Continue reading

AWS journey — API Gateway & Lambda & VPC performance

We decided to hide some EC2 instances in private subnets (VPC). They’re accessible via bastion hosts or via API (API Gateway & Lambda). Works well, but there’s one weird issue — cold lambda start time is over 10s sometimes. We experienced even 15s. This is not acceptable and I’m seeking for answers to my questions.

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