AWS journey — EC2 Container Service

We were using (and we’re still it using for some services) Docker Cloud. Main problem with DC is that they can’t handle private subnets. EC2 instance must be in the public subnet and that’s not what we want. Hooray (irony), we have to switch to the EC2 Container Service. Try to explain this to our business department. Additional time for infrastructure. Can handle it, but it’s tough sometimes.

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AWS journey — Cloud Formation

As a small start up, we’re playing with lot of technologies and we try to choose the best ones. Okay, sometimes not because of money constraints, but we’re trying. One day, can’t remember when it was, we decided to go with AWS. Not just EC2 instances for Docker Cloud, but full stack. I mean API Gateway, Lambda, EC2, ECS, DynamoDB, etc. Counted them, AWS provides 51 services. Some of them are perfect, some of them still needs polishing, but they’re pretty good generally speaking.

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AWS Lambda & API Gateway Error Handling

It’s fragile and kind of terrible. Let’s look at it. We have a function named lambda. It has one argument named action (enum with allowed values data, exception or timeout). First thing we would like to do is to validate input via schema. Then we would like to return custom error message (and status code) if it’s invalid or do other things based on the action argument value.

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Giving Medium a Try

We started PurposeFly blog on Medium recently and I decided to give it a try for my personal blog as well.

Old posts are available in this repository. Not that I don’t like Jekyll and GitHub Pages. But the workflow is kinda crazy when I want to publish new post and the only device I have is my iPad. – This is no longer valid, all posts were imported here as well.

I’ll give it a try for a while and then I’ll merge them. Either on GitHub Pages or here. We’ll see.